Zeitcoin – A cryptocoin for the masses.

Zeitcoin is a Scrypt PoS/PoW hybrid coin (which is now in its fully POS stage) with one of the strongest communities behind it. A majority of the coin supply will be distributed by “minting” which allows anyone with coins in their wallet to receive up to 25% interest on their coins. All you have to do to receive interest on your coins every month is have some in your wallet.

Becoming a stakeholder in the Zeitcoin Movement is simple and easy. Simply visit one of the following exchanges and either purchase some Zeit, or trade any number of other coins for Zeit:

http://www.cryptsy.com (feel free to use my trade key 13836192b75d9db7ab08a5add42bd549ab48f5d7 for referral prior to any transactions you conduct!)

http://www.comkort.com (feel free to use my referral id 87105700 prior to any transactions you conduct!)

We are dedicated to building up this community with the goal of bringing cryptocurrencies into the world of activism. Join our movement today and become a stakeholder in Zeitcoin. We are all in this together and will not rest until our ZEIT is distributed to every active supporter who believes in our efforts. Join the movement today.


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